More Films by Painters

The painters dealt with in the second section of this subject are Alexander Petrov, Hwang Ildong, Maria Lassnig,Yayoi Kusama and Banksy. Also worthy of consideration are Robert Smithson, James Scott, William Kentridge and Takeshi Kitano … Read more

Individual Directors

Six film directors will be considered whose films have been variously concerned with the art of painting.   All five of the below developed an interest in painting at an early age two of who … Read more

Other Painter Biopics

Vincent Van Gogh has had the most films made about him followed by Rembrandt van Rijin and Pablo Picasso. The other painters come from Ireland, Argentina, Hungary, Estonia and Russia among many other countries.   … Read more

Queer Biopics

Films about Andy Warhol and David Hockney in particular, but also about Caravaggio, Salvador Dalí, Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Wojnarowicz. Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio can also be found in the Individual Directors sections and … Read more

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