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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (professional name Lady Gaga1986- ) She references numerous art works in her music videos. The following three examples drew inspiration from paintings.   By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Source: You Tube by LadyGagaVEVO Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Warhol’s various […]

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At least in surrealist paintings a link can be seen to some music videos in the use both make of the free association of ideas and images. This section will look at the role paintings play in music videos. Let’s start by asking the question “How many paintings does it take to make a music […]

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The painters dealt with in the second section of this subject are Alexander Petrov, Hwang Ildong, Maria Lassnig,Yayoi Kusama, Len Lye and Banksy. Also worthy of consideration are Robert Smithson, James Scott, William Kentridge and Takeshi Kitano not to mention the Dalí/Disney collaboration Destino. Alexander Petrov (1957- Russia, animator and animation director). The below are […]

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Popular paintings that may—or may not?—have been the inspiration behind films… Without denying the sheer enjoyability of such speculations it is sometimes a bit of a leap of faith to claim that not just one or a few sequences but a whole film or at the very least the whole ‘feel’ of a film has […]

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Miami Vice “The Lost Madonna”, season 5 episode 14 first broadcast 17 March 1989 Miami Vice’s film worthy televisual and aesthetic qualities can be perceived in the way it presents itself as a total work of art both aurally with its innovative deployment of music and visually with its use of Art Deco locations in […]

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A selection of films plus one TV episode in which paintings play an important narrative role. What is decisive here is that the paintings featured in the films are crucial in driving the narrative forward and are not just used for background effect. The Impossible (Egypt 1965 Hussein Kamal) A domestic drama that employs painting […]

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Eight film directors will be considered whose films have been variously concerned with the art of painting. Five of the below developed an interest in painting at an early age two of who went on to study it—Jarman at the Slade, Greenaway at Walthamstow College of Art. Russell studied photography at Walthamstow Technical College and […]