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The painters dealt with in the second section of this subject are Alexander Petrov, Hwang Ildong, and Banksy. Also worthy of consideration are Robert Smithson, James Scott, William Kentridge and Takeshi Kitano not to mention the Dalí/Disney collaboration Destino.

Alexander Petrov

(1957- Russia, animator and animation director). The below are all paint-on-glass shorts.


Marathon (1988)


Source: YouTube by Mikhail Tumelya


The Crow (1989)


Source: YouTube by иван ютубный


The Mermaid (1997)




The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (1992) parts 1 and 2


Source: YouTube by woodgeor v


Source: YouTube by woodgeor v


The Old Man and the Sea (1999)


Source: YouTube by sumesh somanathan


My Love (2006) is a paint-on-glass animated short


Source: YouTube by Bolli


Firebird (2014)

See also Alexander Petrov: Making of Part 1 + 2 (n.d.) where we see Petrov describing and doing his paintings


Source: YouTube by иван ютубный


Source: YouTube by majikusensei

Hwang Ildong

(known as D Hwang, 1969- South Korea)


The Painter (2102)


Source: YouTube by DHwang69


The production for this film started in 1945 was not completed until 2003. It was a collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí.


Source: YouTube by JOnas3MokaQ


For further films by Salvador Dalí see


Also worthy of consideration:

Robert Smithson

(1938-1973 USA)

even though he has done more drawings than paintings see:

James Scott

(1941- Scotland)

son of the painter William Scott (1913-1989) see:

William Kentridge

(1955- South Africa)

prints, drawings and animated films.

Takeshi Kitano

(1947- Japan)

all round artistic personality including painter. Some of his work is featured in Hana-bi (1997).


Exit through the Gift Shop (2010)

Source: YouTube by banksyfilm


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